The Street Smarts MBA Academy
helps you... 
Grow Revenues, 
Increase Profits,  
And Ensure The "saleability" your business or Private Practice

Access Live Group Coaching to Reach Your Professional and Lifestyle Goals
Faster Than You Think Possible.
Just the facts
The problem is that growing a business has drastically changed since 2020.

It's more complex, time intensive, tech-driven, stressful, and financially harder to compete.

Why Get Access To
Street Smarts MBA Academy?

More competitors offer what you do...for less.

Charging by the hour or project barely meets your money goals.

The stress and workload don't justify your take-home pay.

You work all the time and have no time to enjoy what's important.

You don't understand how regulations and technology are disrupting money, ecommerce, and business.

You want to retain your best clients, attract new ones, and increase how often they buy your premium services.

You need strategic help and support, but it's not in the budget to hire a private coach.

Revenue is sluggish, and the fear of losing clients has been top of mind for the past few months.

You don't have a Plan B or other sources of income if your business fails or continues to struggle.

You've been in business for at least 2 years, and none of the marketing products you've purchased has created exponential growth for you.

You're ready learn, adapt, and do whatever it takes to make your lifestyle and money goals a reality this year!

Then get access to the only small business group focused on maximizing cashflow, clients, and crypto.
(It's literally one of the most important things you can do for your business today.)

it's about more
than money
Access proven strategies that will help transform and future-proof your business to survive and thrive in the new Web 3 economy.
get more
When you become a member, you get exclusive access to the most dynamic future-proof small business group focused on achieving our money and lifestyle goals...together.
Live Small Business coaching - $499/month
Access the business experience and expertise of Hugh Tafel and Sonia Dumas.

Your questions about transforming your business, revenue model, sales process, and marketing will be answered inside the community and on our live coaching calls. 

Over 40 live and recorded calls are scheduled throughout the year.
​Real Business Mastery Business Growth System - $499/month
On demand e-learning resource to guide you step-by-step through the strategies and tactics to grow your business to maximum capacity...without spending a fortune on marketing.

Access the ideas, tools, strategies and concepts as you need it 24/7/365.
Strategy & Video Vault - $299/Month
Learn which strategies our members use to stand out from the competition, shorten the sales cycle, increase prices, attract qualified prospects, get existing clients to buy more, and shorten their work week.

Quick and concise, so you can focus on generating results.
Bonus - Financial Strategies Playbook - $999
Get the hidden strategies to immediate profits and money-saving steps to lower your expenses and capture more profits.

This video workshop shows you the quickest ways to decrease costs, raise prices, increase profits, and free up cash!
Total Value = ($2,089 / Month)
Today's Price = $297 / Month
(prices will increase ... This deal will not last forever.)
Double your investment back GUARANTEE!
Our Promise - If you have not earned a MINIMUM of three (3) times your investment after being a member of the Street Smarts MBA Academy for 12 months, we will refund you DOUBLE what you paid us for accessing the academy.

The Condition - Obviously, if you don't attend or watch the coaching sessions and don't implement what you have learned - you will get ZERO results.

We'll monitor engagement and ask for proof of actions, as results only come from doing the work.

We're here to support you every step of the way.

Your success is worth the investment.
Total Value = ($2,089 / Month)
Today's Price = $297 / Month
(prices will increase ... This deal will not last forever.)
closing arguments.
Summarize the great results, offer,
bonuses, and guarantee. Last reminder of scarcity.
It's about more 
than money 

Time ... Experiences ... Options ... Travel ... Opportunity ... Ideas ... Support ... Community ... Knowledge ... Expertise ... Help ... Lifestyle ... Adventures ... Simplicity ... Growth ... Security ... Confidence ... Happiness ... Purpose ...
The Things That Are Important To You.
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